Yes, please! Jolina told to make her popular 90s butterfly clips trend again

  • Actress Jolina Magdangal was asked to make her popular butterfly clips trend again
  • Butterfly clips were undeniably popular in the 1990s, especially when these hair accessories became the trademark of Jolina; who was one of the most famous celebrities during her time
  • Every once in a while, social media users look back on the “butterfly clip era” and recall their fondest memories when all they wanted in life were the aforementioned hair accessories

What if you wake up one day and realize that butterfly clips are popular again?

Image capture from Instagram

Butterfly clips undeniably made it big in the 1990s, becoming even more popular when wearing these hair accessories became the trademark of singer-actress Jolina Magdangal; who was one of the most popular celebrities that time. And just recently, someone asked her on Instagram if she could make her popular butterfly clips (or Jolina clips, sometimes) trend again.

“Dahil nag-uumapaw sa sistema ko ang #CLOY, sinubukan ko mag-Korean-inspired makeup today. Na-achieve ko ba? Tingin n’yo?” she wrote in the caption of the picture she posted on the photo sharing app, where it received more than 39,000 reactions and thousands of comments.

A lot of social media users told her how beautiful she is with her Korean-inspired makeup; commending as well her freshness and youthful glow that make her look even younger than she was in her teenage years. Others also reminded her that they have been supporting her from the very start.

Then, one of the IG users encouraged her to make her popular 90s clips trend again.

“Ipauso mo ulit ‘yong butterfly clips,” @amhaezing05 wrote, adding a number of butterfly emojis.

Image capture from Instagram

We all want that, don’t we?

The 90s butterfly clips will surely bring joy to a lot of “young once” who wore and collected them many years ago–and has been keeping these accessories in their special memory chest all these years.

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