‘Trust the government and cooperate or else Manila will be the next Wuhan’: Filipino in China warns in a video

  • DJ Loonyo who resides in Hangzhou, China posted a video about how the Chinese government effectively contained coronavirus
  • He hoped his fellowmen would learn from their experiences and take the government’s action seriously

It has been days since the start of the presidential order to stay at home for quarantine, yet our newsfeed had shown images of people walking and trying their best to report for work even at the absence of public transportation.

Image via Rommel Olaguer | Facebook

Some folks have taken it lightly since they fear most about their job or losing their daily income. For a country where “no work no pay”, is typical, it is truly understandable. But have we weighed the benefits over risks lately?

One Filipino, DJ Loonyo, who is residing in Hangzhou, China, posted a video on social media. He strongly relays a message, “Trust the government. If you do not cooperate, Manila will be the next Wuhan.” That goose-bumping warning has a basis. As we all know, Wuhan had been the epicenter of coronavirus contraction with more than 80 thousand confirmed cases and more than 3 thousand were not able to recover.

But the government’s quick action with an iron fist and the citizens’ full cooperation have reaped its goal in less than two months from lockdown. Finally, China has reported zero local infection on March 19. The Chinese people are rejoicing. The empty streets are slowly coming back to life

DJ Loonyo shared how the Chinese government implemented strict policies during its lockdown in the region.

Wuhan Lockdown | Image via Rebecca Arendell Franks | Facebook

Businesses closed doors, even the banks, without thinking how much they will lose. And these are obliged to give allowances to their employees. People heavily geared up themselves, even using chopsticks on elevator buttons. The common denominator? Every citizen has taken the government’s directions seriously.

On the other hand, he was frustrated with how the Filipino people behaved amidst the government’s precautionary measures. That is why he calls for his fellowmen to sacrifice just during this lockdown period because the sooner they cooperate, the earlier they can recover.

DJ Loonyo still has more important points worth pondering in his video. To learn more about it, please watch it here.

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