To ease traffic of people in wet markets, Pasig City launches “Mobile Palengke”

  • Mayor Vico Sotto set up a “Mobile Palengke” to ease the traffic of people going to Pasig Mega Market
  • The trucks loaded with wet goods sold at market prices are scheduled to roam around the city
  • This makes it easier to implement social distancing among citizens

With a lot of people going to Pasig Mega Market to buy food amid the lockdown, social distancing is often neglected. That is why Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto came up with the grand idea of how to reduce shoppers in the market and make buying the basic necessities more convenient for the residents.

Image via Vico Sotto | Facebook

The LGU launched a “Mobile Palengke” which sells fruits, vegetables, rice, fish and meat. Mayor Vico Sotto shared photos on his Facebook Page where trucks are seen carrying these items.

“Presyong palengke, mas malapit sa mamimili, at tulong na rin sa mga maninindang Pasigueño,” he said. The stocks also came from the Mega Market. Five trucks are scheduled to roam around the city.

Netizens, some not even Pasigueños, were quick to praise this idea.

“Amazing! You continue to surprise us! You always think ahead, Mayor Vico Sotto! And strive to make our lives easier. Thank you, Lord, for giving us Vico.”

Image via Vico Sotto | Facebook

“You are continuously setting the bar high Mayor Vico Sotto. The people are with you and we can clearly see you! We got your back Mayor. Thank you! From a non-Pasigueño.”

“Thank you, mayor, for accepting our suggestion to prioritize the more needy citizens of our city. Really thankful I voted for you. You’re a glimmer of hope. I also salute your progressive team.”

The mayor added in his post, “Parallel effort dito. Mamimigay na rin tayo ng food/grocery packs sa mga barangay.” He sought understanding because the distribution of goods may take some time due to the size of the city.

The young politician had been receiving commendations lately due to his good management of the city especially during the lockdown.

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