Health worker creates DIY face shield to address lack of personal protective equipment supply in their hospital to combat COVID-19

  • Aside from face masks, health workers need to wear a face shield to protect themselves from contracting COVID-19
  • Clement Vanrich Monreal created a DIY face shield that can address the lack of supply the country is facing
  • The materials can be easily sourced out from bookstores, supplies sections or grocery stores

With a high risk of contagion, our frontliners need to protect themselves from COVID-19. And wearing masks alone and hospital gowns are not enough as the virus has been known to enter the eyes too.  With this, wearing a face shield is highly recommended.

Image via Clement Vanrich Monreal | Facebook

However, supplies for our health care workers have been slowly running out with increasing numbers of PUIs (persons under investigation).

Aside from starting with a low inventory of these gears, suppliers abroad have exhausted their stocks with the global demand happening now. So the Filipino health worker needs to think of an alternative.

One medical worker named Clement Vanrich Monreal on Facebook shared how he made a makeshift face shield in which his colleagues are using right now. “Low cost, but this will ensure the health and safety of both medical staff and the patient,” he said in his FB post.

The DIY face shield is made using these materials, which can be bought at bookstores, school supplies sections, or grocery stores: transparent PVC plastic sheet A4 size Foam (1-inch tthick, velcro, wires, double-sided tape, stapler, ruler, cutter and scissors.  It is advisable to be used once only if you are taking care of a COVID-19 patient or a PUI.

He shared a video on how to make it. With very easy to follow instructions, in little time you can have one usable gear already. Monreal posted photos on Facebook and netizens loved this new idea. HIs post went viral with 9.9k reactions and 7.7k shares.

Monreal is a registered nutritionist-dietician at Ma. Estrella General Hospital in Calapan, Oriental Mindoro.

Image via Clement Vanrich Monreal | Facebook

While COVID-19 cases in some countries are already dwindling, the Philippines is still trying to get a clearer picture of the number of PUIs and confirmed cases. Supplies of testing kits are pouring in yet still not enough to address everyone who wants to get tested.

Good thing that our medical workers like Monreal have smart ideas on how to fill in the lack of PPEs (personal protective equipment) in our country. We hope other institutions can replicate this idea.

Watch how to make the DIY face shield here by clicking on the image below:

Image capture of video by Clement Vanrich Monreal | Facebook

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