Feeling down? Lady creates “Quarantine Playlist” on Spotify to cheer you up

  • It is common to feel a little down as we submit ourselves to home quarantine and feel unsure on what the future will bring us
  • Johanna Pineda created a playlist on Spotify with praise and worship songs that can give us peace, hope, and comfort

The world is in topsy turvy as nations address the COVID-19 pandemic. Uncertainty envelops our usual hopeful vision of life. It is easy to be scared as news of coronavirus and quarantine fill our newsfeed from morning til night.

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We tend to lose hope and forget that we have one big God we can reach out to. Our mental, emotional and spiritual health is weakened. Have we done something to prevent ourselves from falling apart lately?

A lady knows what everyone is experiencing right now. Hence, Johanna Pineda created a “Quarantine playlist “ on Spotify with the aim “to cheer us up during these challenging times.”

“I know that for most of us, this pandemic (COVID-19) has caused our hearts to be anxious and frightened. But I want to remind you that our hope is not based on our circumstances but our hope lies in our God,’ she said in her FB post.

Image via Johanna Pineda | Facebook

Janine collated 31 songs in this playlist with tracks from Hillsong United, Planetshakers, Kari Jobe, Elevation Worship and many more. Among the songs included are: Beautiful Saviour, Came to my Rescue, Prince of Peace and Heal our Land.

Together with her Facebook post, she added some artworks featuring lyrics of songs that she said spoke to her.

Johanna’s playlist is phenomenal. With easy access to music today through Spotify, one can listen to songs they want in just a few clicks.

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Her FB post garnered over 9.1k reactions and 25k shares.

One netizen thanked her, ” Thank you po for this. Music has been my way of expressing myself to God and now with these songs I think I can further express myself lalo na in these times.”

So cheer up! Add the playlist to your library now. This is the best time to reflect on ourselves and strengthen our connection with the Lord cause as long as we have faith, we know that God is in control of everything.

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