Daughter shares how health worker mom takes the challenges in commuting to work everyday: ‘I am so proud of her’

  • Alica shared how her mom takes on the challenges of commuting  to work
  • Her mom leaves 3 hours ahead of her duty and rides different vehicles daily
  • Alicia asked for referrals for her mom and netizens responded to her call

Despite the challenges in commuting, many of our health workers still go to their respective duties.  Lucky are those who have personal transportation means, but for those who don’t have, being resourceful comes into play.

Image via Alicia Arcaya | Facebook

One daughter shared on social media how her mom travels to work every day.  Since she doesn’t live with her, she gave her a call and shared their conversation.

According to her mom, she stops any private vehicles on the road and shows her ID and asks if she can take a hitch.

Alicia offered her mom to stay with her since she is nearer the hospital and would try to look for a vehicle she can rent for her to use. But her mother declined. She thinks she is still ok with it and looks at the brighter side of it.

Her mom said, “It’s exciting! Every day, I ride on different vehicles.  Sometimes a private car, a motorcycle, even if it is a truck, it’s ok as long as I can report for work.”

Her mom has a positive perspective, always thinking that she can reach the hospital.  She admitted it is tiring, yet she needs to come because a lot of patients need her help.  She leaves the house 3 hours earlier to make it on time for her duty.  She works on an 18 hr shift with no assurance she can rest the next day because she may be called to work if the next shifter can’t come.

Like any other frontliners’ challenge right now, they are out of mask too and were instructed to bring their alcohol.

Image via Pixabay

Alicia is so proud of her mother. In her own ways, she will do her part to address her mother’s needs and help her co-workers as well.

“So guys, I need your help. Please refer to me your contacts for face mask and alcohol supplier.  And, if you know someone na grab driver na pwede maghatid sundo sa mother ko. Kindly send me a message.  Thank you in advance!” she posted on her account.

Her mom works at the NICU department of East Avenue Medical Center.  All the more, they need to protect themselves because they are handling vulnerable human beings.

Based on the latest update, Alicia now has a list of suppliers for sanitizers and face masks.  Donations of sanitizers and masks have also started pouring in which they shared with other frontliners.

Let us share some of our extra resources to our frontliners, and for those who cannot, please at least stay at home.

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