Amazing: Syrian vlogger donates milk for viral man who feeds himself through a tube

  • Rediemar Villanueva, the man who feeds himself with milk through a tube went viral for asking money on the streets to help his sister with his expenses
  • Basel, the Syrian vlogger, learned about him and visited to help
  • Tatay Rediemar received more than a month’s supply of milk which strengthened his determination to recover

Photos of a man who is almost skin and bones circulated on the internet. One netizen found him on the street asking for financial help for his milk. The man feeds himself through a liquid container, attached to a tube that flows directly into his stomach.

Image via Kym Manalaysay } Facebook

This story reached Basel, the Hungry Syrian Wanderer, and without hesitation, searched for him to extend assistance.

On his Facebook account, he shared a deeper story of what happened to this man named Rediemar Villanueva.

Tatay had difficulties moving on after his wife of 25 years did not survive the big C.  Having no children, he felt alone so he tried to take in muriatic acid, but this led to more challenges. However, he considers his life now as his second chance; that is why he is trying hard to gain weight in order for his body to be ready for an operation.

His sister takes care of his expenses but time came that he felt he was placing much burden on her financially;  so he went to the streets begging for money. His sister only learned about it on social media.

Image via The Hungry SYrian Wanderer | Facebook

Basel bought all the Ensure milk cans and 2 other milk products available in drugstores near tatay’s residence. Thiis is quite expensive yet this good samaritan is willing to spend from his own pocket with no sponsors.

Tatay and his sister were very happy to receive the donated milk. His determination for a full recovery radiated even more. This would mean a few days off from their expenses which had been challenging them for two years now.

We hope to see tatay fully recovered soon. For those who want to help Rediemar Villanueva, you may visit him at 2129 Karapatan St. Dimasalang Santa Cruz, Manila.

And as always, thank you, Basel, for your kindess.

Watch his vlog here.


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