Woman calls for help regarding three kids left by their mother, working father struggles to take care of them

  • A woman posted on social media her concern about three kids who don’t get enough care because their father is working and their mother left them
  • A concerned lady noticed her post and donated some essentials they need
  • The father wished he could bring his kids back home so that they can be properly taken cared of by his relatives

A concerned netizen shared a heartbreaking story of three children left to the care of their father, whose wife left them.

Image via Ma. Cristelina Lagaday | Facebook

On a detailed post on February 21, Ma. Cristelina Lagaday, a salesperson, visited her client, who owns a hardware at Sta. Clara, Sta. Maria Bulacan.  She saw a 3-year-old boy named Jan-Jan and she learned further from her client that he has 6-month-old twin siblings named Noeh and Nhoehlyn.   Their father is a truck driver at the store and his wife had left them.

The sad part is that the twins lie on the cradle and on the floor by themselves the whole day.  Their father checks on them from time to time though. Cristelina took the chance to take a peek at the babies who stay in a little room in the compound.  She noticed that they do not look ok.  Their tummies are big and hard with a lot of gas.  They are malnourished too.

She was able to talk to their father named Elmer Calderon.  He is from Zamboanga del Sur and would love to bring his kids to their hometown because he has relatives who can take care of them.  But his money isn’t enough to feed them.

Cristelina volunteered to post his story to seek help from Idol Raffy Tulfo, yet the father was skeptical about it.  According to him, “Ang nanay nga hindi naawa.  Ibang tao pa kaya?”

Image via Ma. Cristelina Lagaday | Facebook

That didn’t sway Cristelina. She asked for help for the post to reach Idol Raffy Tulfo to help the kids go home to Mindanao.  That post wasn’t left unnoticed.  Donations poured. A woman named Jennifer Briones gave .a crib, electric kettle, clothes, toys, water, diapers and vitamins.  Cristelina also came back to provide the babies with a much-needed bath.  She also treated Jan-Jan to a meal, which made him so happy. So they all looked pampered, comfortable and refreshed now.

But this is just temporary.  Hopefully, they can find a long term solution for the family.  The father’s job hinders him from giving his full attention to his kids.  But he has no choice cause he need s to earn too.

Hopefully, something will come up to give the father and his kids a better solution.

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