‘Who is this kid?’ Sam Smith wowed by Pinoy student who went viral for singing his song

  • International singer-songwriter Sam Smith got amazed by the Filipino student who went viral for singing his song “Too Good at Goodbyes”
  • On Twitter, Smith reuploaded the viral video and asked, “Who is this kid?”
  • ABS-CBN confirmed that the talented young man is Carl Malone Montecido, “Tawag ng Tanghalan” reboot’s fifth placer in 2016

“Who is this kid?” international singer-songwriter Sam Smith asked; commending the Filipino student who recently went viral for singing his song Too Good at Goodbyes.

Image capture from Twitter

On Twitter, Smith reuploaded the viral video of the young man and commended his superb talent.

“Who is this kid? You are out of this universe, whoever you are!” he wrote in the caption of the video.

Proud Filipinos replied on Smith’s tweet; saying that the “kid” is actually a Pinoy singer who already joined a number of singing competition in the Philippines. They also encouraged the popular singer to check the young man’s YouTube channel for more covers.

“Isn’t he amazing? He’s a Filipino student,” tweeted @mom_norie.

“The boy’s name is Carl Malone Montecido. He is our student in Bacolod City National High School, Bacolod City, Philippines. He is a really good singer and his talent is very commendable,” @Stylisto17 said.

In an article posted on its news site, ABS-CBN confirmed that the young man is Carl Malone Montecido, who was the fifth placer in It’s Showtime‘s Tawag ng Tanghalan reboot in 2016. He was then referred to as the “Blind Balladeer”, referring to his condition and astounding voice; an inspiration to many and a proof that no matter what your condition is, you can still shine using the gift that God has given you.

As of posting, the video of Montecido, which was uploaded by social media user Trixie Madison on Facebook, has already generated more than 9.2 million views; and received nearly 30,000 comments, over 310,000 shares, and more than 428,000 reactions.

Image capture from Facebook

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