Touching video shows Chinese nurse in coronavirus-hit hospital giving ‘air hug’ to sobbing daughter

  • A Chinese nurse in a coronavirus-hit hospital mimed a hug to her daughter after seeing each other again
  • Separated for 10 days already, the daughter tearfully expressed how much she misses her mom
  • Mom then promised her daughter that she will come home as soon as they ‘defeat’ the virus


A hug from a distance is all a Chinese nurse mom can give to her nine-year-old daughter after the latter visited her at Fugou County People’s Hospital, a coronavirus-hit medical institution in Henan, China.

Image from China Xinhua News via Facebook

Standing within a quarantine zone, nurse Liu Haiyan felt the pain of being ‘so close yet so far’ to her daughter, Cheng Shiwen. Haiyan was called to report to work last month along with 39 other medical workers as the epidemic escalated across the country.

So no matter how much Haiyan and Shiwen wanted to have a physical contact with each other, they had to endure standing meters away to prevent the virus from spreading.

“Mum, I miss you a lot!” shouted Shiwen.

Haiyan then encouraged her daughter to be strong and replied, “Mum is fighting monsters. I’ll be back home once the virus is beaten. Be good.”

And since they were not allowed to have a direct contact, Shiwen had to put some dumplings on the ground for her mother to eat. Haiyan then promised her that she’ll come back to be her company after they win the fight.

Image from China Xinhua News via Facebook

After seeing this tearjerker moment in a video uploaded by China Xinhua News, thousands of netizens – especially parents – felt sad as they could somehow relate to the burden of being away from a loved one.

“I know how it feels to be away from family in times of crises in the hospital. We are the first people that cannot leave the premises. Our duty to mankind comes first before family,” said Anna Leones.

“‘Mommy is fighting monsters’, I had to hold back tears! Salute to the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff of China who sacrifice their life for work! Hang in there, guys!!” added Booger Kue.

Records from Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and World Health Organization (WHO) show that between December 31 2019 and February 4, 2020, a total of 20,630 laboratory-confirmed cases of 2019-nCoV cases have been reported in 24 countries, though majority of the cases continue to be reported from China (99%). A total of 425 deaths, on the other hand, have been reported of which only 1 was reported from outside China – particularly in the Philippines.

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