‘This is good news’: Woman with coronavirus delivers a healthy baby, spreads hope

  • A woman with coronavirus  gave birth to a healthy baby girl
  • On Twitter, the China Global Television Network reported the good news
  • Social media users expressed happiness, saying that the birth of the baby brings hope amid the threat of the 2019-novel coronavirus 

Amid the threat of novel coronavirus (nCoV), a beam of light suddenly shone when a woman with coronavirus delivered a healthy baby girl; bringing hope to a lot of people online.

Image capture from Twitter | @CGTNOfficial

On Twitter, China Global Television Network (CGTN) reported the good news; noting that the baby girl has already been tested and got negative result.

“A mother with #coronavirus gave birth to a healthy baby in NE China’s Harbin Sixth People’s Hospital. The newborn tested negative for the virus,” read the tweet which serve as the caption for a number of photos taken after the baby’s birth.

The CGTN also disclosed that both the mother and her little one are currently in a stable condition.

People online celebrated the news; saying that the baby is a symbol of hope amid the current nCoV scare.

“This is good news. I’m glad mother and baby are well,” @aojl2 tweeted.

“The newborn came to this world to bring and spread happiness, hope, and love to all the people who are fighting coronavirus,” @bocahkakung22 wrote. “Welcome to the world! I wish the newborn and all people good health, good wealth, and success.”

Some also expressed gratitude to the health workers who took care of the mother and the baby.

In her tweet, @WANG_XUE_JING said, “The kid has been taken a good care by pediatricians and she has to stay under quarantine and temporarily be separated from her mother. But I believe everything will go well!”

Image capture from Twitter | @CGTNOfficial

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