Sweet child! Baby girl puts bread on her mom’s bag for work and she’s only 20 months old

Image via Hanna Katrina Calupitan | Facebook
  • A working mom found a slice of bread in her bag as “pabaon” from her daughter 
  • She posted the photo in a parenting group on social media
  • It drew attention and other moms shared their similar experiences of finding random things in their bag

How sweet is your child? Kids can be hard to handle at times but a little gesture of love pays off all the struggles as a parent.

Image via Hanna Katrina Calupitan | Facebook

A mom named Hanna Katrina Calupitan shared how her 20 months old daughter, Kylie Margarette, showed some love. She posted in a parenting group a photo of her bag with two slices of bread in it.

“Sa sobrang sweet ng baby girl ko, nilagyan niya ng bread ‘yong bag ko before ako pumasok sa work.  She is 20 months. Hehe,” she captioned.

That was very sweet indeed and she is not even two years old! This little girl might be thinking her mom needs some snack while at work.  The heart-melting photo was so irresistible not to be noticed by other moms. They also cheered in amusement while others shared their own experiences.

“Ako rin mumsh. muntik na ’ko lagyan ng lumpiang Shanghai kanina.  Buti na lang nakasarado bag ko. Hahaha. Hay ang kukulit ng mga bata!”

“Sweet din noon anak ko.  Pinabaunan ako ng cookie sa bag.  Ilang araw na yatang nandoon ‘yon.  Buti na lang ‘di nilanggam.”

“Same ng daughter ko.  Nilalagyan ako candy o chichirya sa bag.  Baon ko.  Hahaha.   Nakatutuwa.”

“Ako, napabaunan dati ng bottled milk. Mga 18mos siya noon. Nagulat na lang ako pagdating ng office nasa bag ko yong prinepare kong milk niya for that morning. Hahahaha.”

Imahe via Shell Ledesma Reyes | Facebook

Others shared they found toys as “pabaon” too.  And that is more clever. Imagine the scare of finding a toy gun while opening your bag.  Hahaha.

Parenting can be one of the toughest jobs in the world and seeing random stuff in your bag from your kids while away from them will definitely put that kid in mind till you go home.  As we love our kids, they love us back too; with extra surprises and humor.

Do you have the same experience? Please let us know in the comments section.