Most Filipinos prefer ‘brains’ than body, according to SWS

  • Most Filipinos are more attracted to a person’s intelligence than his/her physical features
  • This was according to a recent survey released by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) last February 14, 2020
  • Netizens were also quick to share their respective thoughts on this matter

Perhaps one of the most practical things you can do today is to invest in knowledge. After all, most Filipinos are now beginning to agree that ‘brainy is the new sexy’, as revealed by a poll from the Social Weather Stations (SWS) last Valentine’s Day.

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Conducted from December 13 to 16, 2019, the recent survey says that 81% of adult Pinoys are more attracted to a person’s intelligence than his/her physical features. This is similar to December 2002, when the same percentage said they also preferred ‘brains’ over body.

In addition, the survey also found out that attraction to intelligence was higher among women at 83% (mostly those with live-in partners) compared with the 78% rate among men.

“Intellect is attractive to me,” Louise Cruz said in an online report from Philippine Daily Inquirer. “The probability that I can make real connection is higher if I know more about a person’s set of values and principles instead of just physical attributes.”

Same sentiment was also shown by some netizens who freely shared their thoughts on social media.

“When you get married, after a year or two, that great body of yours will change. On the other hand, brains will be useful as time goes by,” Khen Claire Maghanoy said.

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However, others were quite skeptical about the results; saying that the respondents’ answers do not match with what is truly happening in the real world.

“Iba naman ang sinasabi sa ginagawa,” Philip Sabado commented. “Hahaha sinungaling… Kapag sinusundan ka ng panget tawag sa kanya stalker tapos ipapapulis. Kapag pogi ang sumusunod okay lang kilig ka pa,” Ruth Mamuyac Delas Penas shared.

Nevertheless, whatever it is that you believe in, Filipinos can still agree that we must be certain and wise enough when it comes to choosing our partners.

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