‘I regret I did not meet you earlier’: Watch how a loving husband takes care of wife infected with COVID-19

  • An emergency room nurse got infected and opted to be isolated at home
  • Her husband took care of her despite her mood swings and breakdowns
  • Their story is documented in a series many netizens have been following since the first episode

Can love survive in the virus-stricken Wuhan? A video diary series continues to inspire a lot of people especially those who are enduring the  COVID-19.

Image capture of video by Ergeng Video via YouTube

A couple in Wuhan is living up to the line of the famous wedding vow —-“in sickness and in health.” The wife, Li Tang, was an emergency room nurse who, unfortunately, got infected.  Her husband, Hai Tang, is a cameraman in the Wuhan division of Ergeng, a channel featuring short documentaries in China.

He documents their everyday life as he takes care of his wife who opted to self-quarantine in their apartment.  The series was posted on Ergeng channel on YouTube.

Hai Tang recorded the events to share the process on how they fought against the COVID-19 to show his wife that they can face it together and encourage other people not to be afraid of it.

In the succeeding days, he would cook food that will give his wife more stamina. He cleans her room while wearing whole-body protective suit, goggles, mask, and gloves and took it as a chance to have a chat with her.  He has a lot to bear including her emotional breakdowns because she isn’t feeling well. Yet Hai Tang stayed strong for her.

They have a son whom they isolated for a while. He would always cry and say, “I miss you” in their video calls.  So sad.

There were times that Li Tang would doubt herself and ask him, “ Did you regret that you married me?” But the loving husband would say, “No. I regret I didn’t meet you earlier.” Awww.

The series will let you watch one episode after another as if watching an Asian novela. You would also enjoy the sweet funny moments they have.

Image capture of video by Ergeng Video via YouTube

“How about I marry you again once I recover?” the nurse wife teased her husband in one of the videos.  He jokingly replied, “ I’ll think about that.” Hahaha.

Her health condition was improving so they decided to visit the hospital for a checkup. However, results showed that she is still infected as seen on her right lung so they have no choice but to submit to authorities’ mandate that every patient should be hospitalized.

Suddenly, Hai Tang felt empty being left alone in the house. But he takes care of himself well upon her wife’s request. They continue to communicate through video calls.

Their video series followers admire how their love bounds them together at these trying times. Many praised Hai Tang for being such a good husband.  With that, people are positive the wife will recover very soon for she is also a strong woman.

We can’t wait to see a happy ending here and extend prayers for her recovery.

Watch the first episode here.

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