‘Fan wifey’ Bianca on JC’s first solo exhibit: Words aren’t enough to express how proud I am

  • Proud wife Bianca Gonzalez expressed how happy she is for her husband JC Intal’s first solo exhibit
  • Calling herself the basketball star’s “fan wifey”, Bianca shared how her husband prepared for his “Rookie Mistake” exhibit
  • She also shared his story as an artist and thanked everyone for supporting him in his project

Calling herself “fan wifey”, television personality Bianca Gonzalez expressed how proud and happy she is for her husband JC Intal’s first solo exhibit, “Rookie Mistake”.

Image capture from Instagram

On Instagram, Bianca shared how she discovered her basketball star’s talent and how he prepared for his exhibit.

“I only found out about my husband’s talent in painting less than two years ago. He had told me about ‘painting in college’ but I thought, ‘Oh, that’s nice, he likes to paint.’ Well, I had no idea it was of this kind. Fast forward to now, I’m still feeling a mix of pride, awe, gratefulness, in what is an extremely surreal sold out first solo show of my husband,” she wrote.

“Watching him these past few days doing final preparations for the exhibit, going straight from a grueling twice a day training, to JStudio to do final touches on his artwork, going home late and waking up early the next day for training again; and on opening night itself, seeing him meet and speak with art collectors, legit artists, legends in the art world, hearing what they had to say about his work and his work ethic, feeling the overwhelming support from family and friends…I am the proudest wife in the world,” she continued.

The supportive wife then told her husband that words cannot express how proud and happy she is amid everything.

“Words are really not enough to express how proud I am of you. Putting your work out there for the world to gobble up is putting yourself in such a vulnerable place, and for that alone, I am so inspired by you. Keep reaching bigger goals and dreams. I am right here to support you,” she expressed.

Image capture from Instagram

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