Delicious cakes made of instant noodles, now popular in an Indonesian bakery

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  • A bakery in Indonesia has been selling unique cakes that fit every celebration; from birthdays to weddings and many more
  • These extraordinary cakes are made of instant noodles with delicious toppings and known for having Instagram-worthy designs
  • One may order these unique cakes from Tot Aw (short for “totally awesome”)

Would like to relish special moments and celebrate important occasions with a cake made of instant noodles?

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Yes, you read it right.

Tot Aw (short for “totally awesome”), a popular bakery in Indonesia, has been selling unique cakes that fit every celebration; from birthdays to weddings and many more.

The catch is, these cakes do not have the usual flavors that satisfy your sweet tooth. Instead of icing, candies, and sprinkles, the noodle cakes are topped with chicken gulai (curry stew), opor (coconut milk stew) and rendang (beef simmered in coconut and spices), among others.

Still, a lot of people in Indonesia actually like these cakes; which are not just delicious but also famous for their Instagram-worthy designs and decorations. In fact, Tot Aw’s instant noodle cakes recently went viral after a picture of one got retweeted thousands of times on Twitter.

Since then, customers would go to the bakery to order a unique instant noodle cake. On the other hand, one cannot just walk into the bakeshop then point to a certain cake because these special cakes are classified under “made to order”.

Tot Aw was first introduced as a bakery that sells delicious doughnuts and breads. Eventually, the people behind the bakeshop thought of  making instant noodle deep-fried donuts, which led them to the creation of instant noodle cakes.

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Check out the yummy instant noodle cakes that are now very popular in the Indonesian bakery Tot Aw (Totally Awesome):

How about you? Will you try these instant noodle cakes?