After his ‘Too Good at Goodbyes’ video became a sensation, Carl Malone Montecido gets an invite to `The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

  • Carl Malone Montecido was recognized by netizens as the viral kid who sang a wonderful rendition of the song “Too Good at Goodbyes”
  • He was invited to appear in “The DeGeneres Show”

There are always big surprises waiting for genuine talents worthy of attention.

Imahe kuha mula sa video ni Trixie Madison via Facebook

Carl Malone Montecido is the viral student who sang “Too Good at Goodbyes” at a videoke section in SM Bacolod.  And the latest news? He got an invite to guest at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in the US! The details are yet to be finalized.

Carl was already a favorite contender in talent competitions on TV.  He first joined Pilipinas Got Talent 2010 Season 1.  He was 11 years old then. He also tried his luck at the Tawag ng Tangahalan in 2016.  His beautiful and powerful voice landed him on 5th place.

Being a blind singer who only learned through listening delivers extraordinary charisma every time he sings on stage. Unable to express and connect to the audience through his vision because of his impairment, he pours all his emotions in his voice that would seemingly pull every audience towards his song.  Judges are in awe of every performance.

Nothing was heard of him until early in February, when a Facebook user Trixie Madison uploaded a video of him singing Sam Smith’s popular hit “Too Good at Goodbyes”.

He was singing casually at a videoke section in SM Bacolod. The video broke the internet reaching 13 million views to date. The clip even caught the attention of the original singer Sam Smith who said, “Who is this kid?!! You are out of the universe whoever you are.”

Netizens recognized him and some of his singing videos flooded the comment section on Twitter.  Singer Kelly Clarkson also couldn’t contain her astonishment.

She posted, “This video has been going around my team as well! This kid is insane!”

Imahe kuha mula sa video ng Sunstar Bacolod News via Facebook

The 21-year-old balladeer was invited by SM Bacolod on February 10 to sing his trending song and also his own rendition of the “Exchange of Hearts” by David Slater. As a gift for his talent the mall gave him two big carts of groceries, brand new Grand videoke symphony pro plus, and SM gift certificates.

According to his interview with Sunstar Bacolod, he has received calls from Sam Smith, Kelly Clarkson and One Direction to perform with them.

We can’t wait to see you at the show Carl! Good luck!

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