Toblerone releases an ice-cream version of its iconic triangle-shaped chocolate

Images from Instagram / @foodinrupiah, @amaniipdaily
  • Toblerone has released an ice cream version of its iconic triangle-shaped chocolate bar
  • Flavors of this Toblerone ice cream are honey and almond with nougat and Toblerone pieces coated in milk chocolate
  • The ice cream is currently being sold in Australia and the United Kingdom 
Image from Instagram / @amaniipdaily

People around the world are familiar with Toblerone chocolates. These triangle-shaped chocolate bars are very popular because of its rich and unique taste that is adored by many.

This iconic chocolate bar was invented in 1908 which makes it almost 112 years old! Its name is a wordplay for ‘Tobler‘  – which is the surname of one of its creators Theodor Tobler (and the other one is his cousin Emil Baumann)  and ‘Torrone‘ – an Italian word for honey and almond nougat.

Over the years, makers of Toblerone, Mondelēz International, Inc., has released various flavors of the chocolate bar — chocolate milk, dark chocolate, milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat, and many more.

Image from Instagram / @nutella_and_dessert_lovers

And now, Toblerone is breaking away from its traditional chocolate bar products by releasing an ice cream version which comes in honey and almond flavors!

Recently, Toblerone released an ice cream version of its triangle-shaped chocolate bar with taste defined as “chocolate honey flavor with nougat and Toblerone pieces coated in milk chocolate.”

In 2018, the Toblerone ice cream became very popular in the United Kingdom, until the company decided to also release an ice cream version of it in Australia, both available online and in-store.

Aussies have been flooding the social media to share their experience and reviews after trying this new flavored ice cream with the hashtag #Tobleroneicecream.

Image from Instagram / @cookat__

Instagram users have also been sharing mouth-watering photos of the Toblerone ice cream in both flavors.

However, even if the Toblerone ice cream does not appear to be a limited product, the company spokesperson said there are no plans of launching it elsewhere.

While we’ve got no plans to bring Toblerone ice cream (to other countries) at this stage, we’re always looking at new and interesting products we can offer consumers,” the spokesperson disclosed in an interview.