‘This book has lost its reason’: Author Paulo Coelho was supposed to have a collab with Kobe Bryant

Images via @kobebryant and @paulocoelho | Twitter
  • Late basketball legend Kobe Bryant was supposed to have a book collaboration with award-winning author Paulo Coelho
  • But now he’s gone, Coelho said he will delete the draft, believing the book has already lost its reason
  • Fans urged the writer behind the bestselling novel The Alchemist to continue publishing the book

If we did not lose basketball legend Kobe Bryant on that helicopter crash, we might be holding a book that he wrote with award-winning author Paulo Coelho anytime soon.

Image capture from Twitter

But now he’s gone, the collaboration has also faced its demise. Coelho, the well-known novelist behind the bestselling book The Alchemist, just decided to delete the draft; believing the book has already lost its reason following the fate of his writing partner.

“You were more than a great player, dear Kobe Bryant. I learned a lot by interacting with you. Will delete the draft right now, this book has lost its reason,” he expressed on Twitter; sharing a screenshot of his conversation with Kobe in August 2019.

Fans urged Coelho to continue publishing the book, which could be one of the world’s greatest book collaborations of all time.

“Don’t delete it! Along with that book, you can leave incredible marks of the known side of him and even more incredible ones of the unknown side. He said, ‘Write!'” replied @birgullomlu.

“That book has gained new meaning. You have to write it. For future generations who will never feel his being, let them live his being through your incredibly talented writing. Do it for #KobeBryant,” said @bendak2.

“He would for sure ask you not to delete it. Please finish the book for him,” @thoughtsofmhei expressed.

Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter were among nine people who perished in a helicopter crash on Sunday, January 26. They left behind his wife and three other children, including a baby who was born last June 2019.

Image capture from Twitter