‘Still surreal’: Netizen recalls unforgettable encounter with young Kathryn during a Super Inggo mall show

  • A Twitter user recalled an unforgettable encounter with young Kathryn Bernardo during a Super Inggo mall show in Cebu
  • As a kid, @ironicallyin did not know Kathryn Bernardo despite watching the aforementioned fantasy series
  • Kathryn, who was sitting beside her, approached her and gave her an autographed photo

Sharing one’s “most awkward or most interesting celebrity interaction” has become a thing on Twitter recently and many stories from users have gone viral since then–including a tweet about an unforgettable encounter with no less Kathryn Bernardo.

Image capture from Twitter

On Twitter, user @ironicallyianna shared a photo of her with Box Office Queen Kathryn Bernado; who she did not know at the time.

“My mom was part of the Cebu Press and back in 2006/7, they covered a Super Inggo mall show in Cebu which then proceeded to a presscon. My mom took me with her as she often would whenever I didn’t have classes,” she wrote in the caption of the image that she uploaded on the aforementioned microblogging site.

“While they were doing interviews with other casts of the show, I was seated beside Kathryn Bernardo; whom I didn’t know back then. She turned to me and out of the blue gave me an autographed picture of her (the one I’m holding),” she continued.

But because the only person she knows in the series Super Inggo was the lead actor, child star Makisig Morales, she was puzzled why the older child beside her gave her a picture.

“I was like ‘?’ because although I did watch SuperInggo, I only knew Makisig Morales. Little did I know I got to interact with the Box Office Queen of our generation. Still surreal!” she said; adding that she resent herself for not making the most out of the moment.

As of posting, the photo already has more than 5,000 favorites and was also able to generate hundreds of retweets.

Image capture from Twitter

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