Purrfect date: Teen brought his cat to their prom because he couldn’t find a date

Image from Ruby the Pretty Kitty via Instagram
  • A teenager from Maryland who is in high school attended their school’s prom that created a buzz in the online community
  • It turns out, this teenager brought his pet cat to their prom as his date since he could not find a date to ask
  • The cat was even wearing a sparkly dress and collar that were brought by the teenager’s mom to support her son
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Perhaps one of the most memorable experiences in high school is attending your school’s prom night. Here in the Philippines, attending a prom is mandatory for some schools. But unlike in Western countries, bringing a date is not required as long as you can enjoy the night with your friends and classmates.

But in foreign countries, there is a lot of pressure when it comes to their prom night, and finding a date is one of them. Prom should be filled with memories that they can remember forever, that is why it is important for them to go to the prom with a date who really means a lot to them.

While some highschoolers take their girlfriends or boyfriends to the prom, some of them who couldn’t find one or don’t have the courage to ask his or her crush end up taking their relatives instead.

Image from Ruby the Pretty Kitty via Instagram

But a teenager from Maryland went viral by taking his pet cat as his date to their prom, and he couldn’t (or even his cat) be any happier.

According to the article published by The Animal Rescue Site., Sam Steingard was feeling the pressure when he couldn’t find or ask someone to be his date for their big dance.

He didn’t ask his cousins or sister to be his date, which is normal for someone who has a hard time looking for a date. But no, Sam took the only living being he is comfortable to be with, his pet cat Ruby.

Image from Ruby the Pretty Kitty via Instagram

Sam’s mom, Joanne, was supportive to her son’s decision by buying Ruby a sparkly dress and collar to wear to Sam’s prom.

My brother took our cat to prom… My mom (Joanne) decided to buy our cat a dress and sparkly collar so my brother would have someone to take pictures with,” said Caroline, Sam’s sister.

Ruby has been with Sam’s family for over 10 years now, and they absolutely love her and treat her as part of their family. Ruby was only a kitten when she was found behind a Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant. That is how she got her name.