‘Preschool Picasso’: 7-year-old kid amazes people worldwide with his talented hands

Images via @mikails_galerie | Instagram
  • A seven-year-old child has been getting a lot of attention online with his talent in creating amazing works of art
  • On his fourth birthday, Mikail Akar’s parents gave him a small canvas and finger paints 
  • Now, Mikail does not only paint on canvas and he has also been dubbed as the “Preschool Picasso”

When Mikail Akar’s parents bought him a small canvas and some finger paints for his fourth birthday, neither of them had any idea that these simple presents would lead him to a greater “gift”: his talent in creating art.

Image capture from Instagram

“For his fourth birthday, his parents gave Mikail a small canvas and finger paints, simply because they didn’t want to buy Lego or more Playmobil again. Mikail started to paint. When his father saw the picture in the evening, he asked his wife Elvan, ‘How long have you been able to paint so well?’ She replied, “It wasn’t me”; and was still amazed at the picture her son had painted. His parents never used to deal with art,” read the article posted on the About page ofMikail’s website.

Fast forward, the child who was born in October 2012 is currently one of the youngest abstract artists worldwide; getting a lot of attention online because of his talent in creating amazing artworks and is now fondly called the “Preschool Picasso”.

“Mikail had the first exhibition at the age of four on August 13, 2017 at the SBK in Cologne Longerich. At the age of five, he exhibited his pictures in the gallery Kunstbruder in Cologne. The third exhibition was then on September 22, 2018 in the Palatina Gallery. The next stop was on October 28, 2018 in the Dusseldorf Art House. Further exhibitions followed in Hamburg and Juchen. Most recently, his works were shown in the State Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bankhaus August Lenz in Berlin,” the website note.

Image via @mikails_galerie | Instagram

As of posting, the child wonder has already had 10 successful exhibitions. He has also been posting art vlogs on YouTubes; sharing some of his painting techniques to his followers.

Moreover, one of his most recent projects was painting on a wreck part of the Airbus 310! Wow!