Planes drop off thousands of carrots and potatoes for starving animals in Australia

Images from Matt Kean via Twitter
  • In order to help the surviving animals from the bushfires, Australians are finding innovative ways to help them
  • One of it is flying planes to drop off thousands of kilograms of carrots and sweet potatoes to feed starving animals
  • This creative idea of helping the animals is named ‘Operation Rock Wallaby’
Image from Animals Australia via Facebook

One of Australia’s most destructive bushfire has left over 2,000 structures burned and caused massive damage to several areas.

According to reports, more than 18 million acres of land in different parts of Australia were damaged by the bushfire; leaving limited options for defenseless animals who survived.

Experts say that those animals who were able to escape the raging fire may experience impossible conditions such as few sources of food and water. This is the reason why Australians are finding innovative ways to help these animals.

Image from Matt Kean via Twitter

One idea that they were able to conduct is by using planes to drop off thousands of fresh carrots and potatoes as a source of food for these starving animals.

This creative idea is nicknamed ‘Operation Rock Wallaby’ led by the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service. Their main goal is to feed the surviving animals to help them regain their strength, especially wallabies; species that were greatly affected by the bushfire.

Image from Matt Kean via Twitter

According to the New South Wales Environment Minister Matt Kean, the animals who were able to flee and survive the bushfire are scattered everywhere and are unable to find food, which is why they needed a helping hand.

The provision of supplementary food is one of the key strategies we are deploying to promote the survival and recovery of endangered species like the brush-tailed rock-wallaby,” Kean said in a statement published by Popular Mechanics.

Fortunately, coming after the Operation Rock Wallaby are a number of rescue efforts to save the country’s prized surviving species — koalas, kangaroos, and other animals.