Look: Woman offers farm as temporary shelter for Taal Volcano animal victims

Image via Bobbie Garcia -Carranceja | Facebook
  • There is a continuing challenge on where to relocate animals who were rescued from the Taal area
  • Bobbie Garcia-Carranceja offered her farm as a temporary shelter
  • Animal lovers on social media praised her act of kindness

The recent ashfall in Taal Volcano has affected not just the human population nearby but the animals also who have to depend on their owners for help.

Image via Loribert Sobrio Bersabe | Facebook

Ideally, we shouldn’t leave our dear animals behind. They also face the same danger that people face. However, because of the sudden turn of events, many were unable to bring their animals along especially the horses, cows and pigs.   Fortunately, animal rescue groups and owners were able to go back and bring them to safer grounds. But the next challenge would be finding a place where they can be looked after for the meantime.

Thanks to the kind hearts of some animal lovers who offered their properties as a temporary refuge for these helpless animals.

Bobbie Garcia-Carranceja said on Facebook that she is opening her farm to any animals needing a place to stay.  She shared, “To my fellow animal lovers conducting rescue operations now, I am opening my farm for any animals rescued that need temporary shelter.”

Her farm is located at Sitio Sibukawan, Brgy. Tumalim Nasugbu, Batangas which is just 20-27 minutes away from Tagaytay. She then gave the contact number of her caretaker named Judith.

Image via Bobbie Garcia -Carranceja | Facebook

She posted images of her farm with lots of huts and wide space that could somehow destress traumatized pets.   Netizens started asking if they could donate so she posted details on how they can forward their help in kind or in cash.

Concerned netizens flooded her post with words of gratitude.

“May God bless you for your good heart! Thank you for helping the animals who are left there and badly need shelter!”

Image via Bobbie Garcia -Carranceja | Facebook

“Thank you so much, ma’am, Bobbie Garcia-Carranceja for your compassion to fur babies, giving them hope to reunite with their humans! Salute to you and all rescuers as well!”

If we just all continue to unite and share our blessings, we can get through this.

Thank you Miss Bobbie!