Leaving and homecoming soldiers: These photos will definitely move you

Image via Vannak Scott | Facebook
  • With pressure aggravating in the Middle East, American army troops are being sent to Iraq
  • Photos of heart-melting farewells and homecoming circulated on the internet which remind everyone of the impact this conflict makes

Nobody likes to experience armed feuds.  It poses a risk on our safety, our security, livelihood and our sanity as well. However,  conflicts are rooted from unresolved disagreements, and cold relations in the past could sometimes escalate to unwanted results.

Image via Pixabay

The recent strife between Iran and the US caused by the carnage of Qasem Soleimani, head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force on January 3, pulled out a lot of American soldiers from their bases as they will be deployed to face the conflict-stricken Middle East without assurance if they can still come back.

As these things happen, many photos resurfaced on the worldwide web. Photos uploaded by Vannak Scott show old images of soldiers saying goodbyes to their families as well as homecoming moments after deployment. A mix of sad and happy emotions encompasses everyone seeing these images.

Image via Vanna Scott | Facebook

Before leaving, one man wiped his tears as his son hugs him tightly. In another photo, kids hugging their father. They are still too young to understand why these things happen but one thing is for sure, for an unknown length of time they will be missing their dad.

A woman is also seen embracing her partner while silently breaking down. She’s trying hard to be strong. Starting a family at this time is coupled with a bigger challenge. A man kisses his wife’s baby bump; his unborn baby. How exciting it would be for him to have the first glance of his baby coming out. However, he couldn’t. His country needs him more than his family does.

On the other hand, the homecoming photos, though more on the positive note bring out equally sentimental emotions because it feels like a reward for the length of time they have been away, for their patience and sacrifice of not seeing their loved ones.

Image via Vannak Scott | Facebook

A dad happily carries his infant. Most probably it was his first time to take a glimpse of his baby. Furbabies also miss their fur parents making them go wild with happiness. And of course, there are mommy soldiers too who opted to sacrifice for their family’s future.

Whether it’s leaving or homecoming. Both speak about the courage and sacrifice our soldiers make.

The call to protect a nation has its own consequences. Families are separated and we hope it is just temporary. For now, all we want is for these struggles to end.

Let us continue praying that this battles will stop because in situations like this, NOBODY REALLY WINS.