Kids in Hawaii sell their toys to donate to affected people in the Philippines and Australia

Image via LDS Tagalog Missionaries | Facebook
  • Some kids in Hawaii are selling their toys to help people in Batangas, Philippines and Australia
  • Netizens thanked them for their generosity and being concerned about others’ welfare

The bushfire in Australia and Taal Volcano eruption in the Philippines reached many concerned citizens around the world.

Image via LDS Tagalog Missionaries | Facebook

Donations from across the country poured for affected residents in Taal and its neighboring towns. But before this happened, the world focused on the bushfire in Australia that has massively burned down homes and injured a lot of animals. Some Filipinos extended their monetary assistance to the devastated part of the country.

Now that we are the ones in need, many have proven that there really is still hope in humanity.

In a Facebook post by LDS Tagalog Missionaries, it shared very heartwarming news that will put a smile on your face. It said, “ Kids in Hawaii are selling their toys to help people in Batangas, Philippines and the animals of Australia.”

In the photo are six kids with a table filled with their toys for sale. A poster also says, “Save Australia and [the] Philippines.”

On the table are stuffed toys and some cartoon character miniatures that they can still play with. But these kids opted to let go of them for a cause. How thoughtful those kids are! At a young age, they are thinking of the welfare of other already.

Many netizens expressed their appreciation and gratitude to these kids.

Image via LDS Tagalog Missionaries

“I am a Batangueño and I would like to thank you all for helping my province. Greatly appreciated!”

“Thank you! I’m not a victim of the volcanic eruption but I’m from the Philippines and we highly appreciate your good deeds to my fellow Filipinos. We pray that everything you do God will see it through. Prayers for Australia.”

Thank you so much, kids. Your help means a lot to us! We are sure your parents are proud of you.