Jason on first year with Moira: Guys and girls don’t think alike kahit soulmate mo pa siya

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  • OPM artist Jason Hernandez posted an honest love letter for his wife, popular singer  Moira Dela Torre 
  • Celebrating their first anniversary, Jason noted how they survived their first year as a married couple, admitting that they saw many things that could make them give up on each other
  • Still, they were able to make it through, seeing “greater love, grace, and forgiveness”

Filipino artists Moira Dela Torre and Jason Hernandez just celebrated their first anniversary as a couple. And while fans often see them as a perfect couple with a happy relationship, the latter admitted that going through their first year was never easy.

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On Instagram, Jason posted an honest love letter for his wife; writing about how they survived their first year as a married couple despite seeing many things that could make them give up on each other.

“Dear Moi, I’ve always had this picture in my head about marriage. Our own house our own rules, sleep late, wake up late, binge watch netflix, sex, eat cheetos for breakfast, travel the world, write songs together, spend money on things our parents would never approve of, and sex. We did those in our first year and it was amazing,” he began.

But then, he said, they began having a lot of fights.

“Guys and girls really do not think alike pala. Kahit soulmate mo pa siya. You want to workout in the morning, I want to workout at night. You want three dogs, I want two dogs (’cause ako naman naglilinis ng po0ps nila), you want lights on, I want lights off, and the issues pile up. Then we started to have deeper fights. You don’t feel pursued, I don’t feel respected, you feel I’m not grateful for you, I feel you’re not proud of me, and the list goes on,” he wrote.

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It was not easy, Jason admitted — but they still made it through; seeing “greater love, grace, and forgiveness.”

“I saw how God used me to save you from depression. I saw how God used you to teach me to love others and not just myself. I saw real forgiveness in the way you love me after I hurt you. Love really does cover a multitude of wrongs. Marriage just got real,” he continued.

“I know we still have so much to learn, so much to grow, so much to experience, but I’m glad than I’m doing this with you. You are the greatest partner God could ever give me and I promise that I will not let go no matter what. Cheers to our second year! You are and will always be my best blessing. I love you so much,” he expressed.

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So much honesty, Jason! Truly from the heart.