Former Goin’ Bulilit star John Manalo’s advice: Make your jowa your best friend

Images via @manalojohn | Instagram
  • Former Goin’ Bulilit star John Manalo gives a simple yet meaningful advice to those who are in a relationship
  • On IG, he posted a photo of him and his girlfriend Erika Rabara, saying: make your jowa your best friend
  • John has been gaining praises from people online because of his sweet notes for Erika; and for being a deep, God-fearing individual

Former Goin’ Bulilit star John Manalo, the talented young star that we all admired in the early 2000s, is definitely not a little boy anymore. In fact, he has been admired by many people online because of how he treats his girlfriend, Erika Rabara.

Image capture from Instagram

Yes, the kid has grown into a fine young man and is in a relationship for over four years now. (Feel old yet?)

And just recently, he posted a simple yet meaningful advice for people who are currently in a relationship.

“Make your jowa (girlfriend/boyfriend) your best friend,” he wrote on the caption of his Instagram photo with Erika.

Known for his roles in Feng Shui, Mga Anghel na Walang Langit, and Mara Clara, John is now even more inspired because of his girl. Following his posts on social media, fans fell in love with the actor–now an aspiring filmmaker, also–even more reading his online love letters and sweet notes for her; calling him an “ideal boyfriend”, not to mention being a God-fearing individual, as well.

In one of his posts, he wrote, “Before I met Erika, I thought having a perfect partner requires having a lot in common, same attitude and same hobbies. As we got to know each other, I realized that our different views and quirks makes us perfect together.”

“Our love is like fine wine,” he described his relationship in another post. “It gets better with time.”

Meanwhile, in a “random post”, Erika told John, “When people tell me to look on the bright side, I look at you. Random appreciation post for this guy who’s been the bright side of everything, even and especially when it was dark. Thank you for your light.”

Image via @manalojohn | Instagram

In September 2019, the couple also created a podcast about relationship. Videos of their digital series are also uploaded on their YouTube channel Erika and John: