Eating alone once in a while is actually good, study says

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  • According to a study, eating alone does not necessarily create negativity on one’s mental health
  • Some people actually eat alone because they like it that way, and they eat better when they are alone
  • The study concludes that people who eat alone are actually healthier and they are more likely to pay attention to what they’re eating

When we see a person eating alone in public, we often guess that the person is waiting for someone, or that he or she was already too hungry to wait for that someone.

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There are people who are afraid of eating alone because just the thought of not having someone by your side or someone to talk to is too lonely for them.

But according to a study, there is definitely no reason to feel bad about eating alone. Because people who are actually eating by themselves are considered healthier, and this is according to science.

A study published in Physiology & Behavior concludes that people who eat alone are actually healthier, and it is time efficient considering that they only focus on their food.

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The study shows that people ate 18% more when they are with their friends, and 14% more when they watch a television. This increase in food intake may result in gaining weight and cholesterol.

However, people who eat alone in public places such as restaurant or cafeteria are more likely to pay attention to what they are eating—from the food’s flavor, its nutritional content, and appearance. More important, they do not tend to overeat.

A case of mimicry when eating with a group of people is also concluded in a study published in the online journal Plos One. The research found out that people who ate with others are more likely to copy the eating habits of his or her colleagues.

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Which means that if your friends, classmates, or workmates are into eating samgyupsal every week, there is a high chance that you will get to love eating the same thing and joining them, every week.

Remember, eating alone is far different from eating by yourself or feeling lonely. There are people who actually enjoy eating alone, because it gives them chance for an “alone time.” Giving time to yourself is important to every one.