Davao City sends help to Taal Volcano victims: Batangueno netizen expressed gratitude on social media

Image via City Government of Davao and Bhakta Karl | Facebook
  • Davao City is sending donations for Taal Volcano victims
  • Task Force Davao will be leading the distribution of goods expected to arrive on January 17
  • A Batangueño expressed his gratitude to Davao City on social media for helping his hometown

5,000 food packs are now being readied by the city government of Davao as it will be distributed to Taal victims soon.

Image via City Government of Davao | Facebook

The Davao government announced it will be accepting donations like N95 masks, food, bottled water, blankets, mosquito nets, sleeping mats (banig), and hygiene kits to be received at the headquarters of Task Force Davao at the Sta Ana Wharf Compound.

Task Force Davao Commander Colonel Consolito Yecla will be leading the distribution of relief goods whch have started to swarm evacuation centers since Sunday.

They are aiming to reach out to families in Sto. Tomas, Tanauan, and Calaca, Batangas. Goods are expected to arrive on January 17 or hopefully sooner if no circumstances causing delay may happen.

Yecla said, “While it may take days to reach its destination since the task group has to travel the winding roads of the three main islands and has to cross the seas twice, the Task Force Oplan “Tabang” organized by City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte hopes to ease the suffering of the evacuees.”

He recalled how difficult it was for families to experience events like this as what the Davao region has also just gone through. That experience immediately made their mayor, Sarah Duterte, organize a relief operation.

Image via Brigada News Davao | Facebook

Meanwhile, this deed received words of gratitude from netizens. One named Benedict Exconde shared, “From me, a Batangueño, thank you to the people of Davao for helping us.”

In 2013, the Davao City government was one of the first relief operation responders when super typhoon Yolanda struck the Visayas region. It shared their 911 state of the art expertise and technology for free.