“Coca-Cola with Coffee” is the perfect drink for your needed caffeine fix

Image from Instagram | @candyhunting
  • Netizens are coated with mixed emotions as reports of a “Coca-Cola with Coffee” product began circulating on social media
  • According to the reports, this drink will finally give the ultimate caffeine kick that coffee and soda lovers long for
  • The beverage comes along in three different flavors and is expected to hit the stores this 2020


Heads up, coffee and soda lovers! It looks like we already found an answer for your much-needed caffeine boost — thanks to the latest “Coca-Cola with Coffee” beverage.

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According to Instagram account @candyhunting, Coca-Cola with Coffee is slated to hit shelves in April. It will also be available in three different flavors namely Dark Blend, Vanilla, and Caramel. The food-junkie account added that these Coca-Cola products come as a direct competition to the Pepsi Café, a similar product that also launches in April.

However, a report from Yahoo! Lifestyle says that this isn’t the first time Coca-Cola has gone the coffee route. In fact, Coca-Cola BlāK, a coffee-flavored soda, debuted in 2006 and was pulled from shelves two years later due to “poor timing.”

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In addition, reports about these items have also circulated around social media; promptly catching the attention of several netizens across the globe. Some were thrilled upon reading the news especially those who love drinking soda regardless of what time of the day it is.

“I don’t care what time of the morning it is. I will drink a coke early in the morning especially as a college student now,” said Kianna Cooper-Fikes in a Facebook comment.

However, other social media users seem to disagree and are in fact, a little bit wary about drinking soda in the morning. “It has never been socially acceptable to open a soda in the morning,” commented Daun Fletecher.

As disclosed in the World of Coca-Cola website, the Coca-Cola history began in 1886 when the curiosity of an Atlanta pharmacist, Dr. John S. Pemberton, led him to create a distinctive tasting soft drink that could be sold at soda fountains. He then created a flavored syrup and mixed it with carbonated water which was later on deemed “excellent” by those who sampled it.