Bad-tempered women are smarter, study says

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  • Scientists concluded that grumpy or bad-tempered women are usually more intelligent
  • This conclusion was based on a thorough investigation that moody women not only make better decisions but also provide a more concise memory to remember information or details from their mind
  • This research was published by scientists from the University of New South Wales and Stanford University

It is normal for a person to get mad or moody for a moment during his or her entire day. However, women are known to be more sensitive and easily get angry, happy, or sad based on various reasons and circumstances.

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But when a woman is having her PMS or premenstrual syndrome, it is a known fact that her emotions will be all over the place, and she gets to be more grumpy and moody. But on some cases, there are women who are just naturally ‘bad tempered’: and this attitude, apparently,  is not all negative.

Perhaps a lot of women complain about being grumpy or bad-tempered, but this character is what makes them more intelligent, and this is based on a study conducted by scientists from prestigious universities.

According to a research published by scientists from the University of New South Wales and Stanford University, bad-tempered women are usually smarter. This study was based on a thorough investigation about various attitude of women.

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Study says that bad temper is characterized by mental negativity, which is also the reason why bad-tempered people would be more aware of their surroundings. And when a woman becomes irritable or grumpy, she tends to be more focused and becomes vigilant about what she’s seeing, thinking, and doing at that moment.

The study also concluded that it is useful for a person to put on a serious face and attitude when confronting a problem or having to make an important decision or solution, because he or she will tend to be more focused.

On the other hand, the research also shows that excessively happy people are more impulsive. This is because  cheerfulness usually tends to make a person to be careless on decisions that are not well-pondered or thought-out.

Hmmm… to which group do you think you belong?