Australian soldiers use rest periods to care for koalas affected by bushfire

  • With the recent cool weather and rain experienced in Australia, there are still more than 60 fires burning in the state
  • Surviving animals affected by the bushfire are staying at wildlife parks and and are being taken care of
  • Australian armed forces have been lending some helping hands during their rest periods by taking care of koalas affected by the ongoing bushfires

Australia’s worst wildfires seen in decades reportedly started in late July last year. More than 3,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged by the raging fire which has been exacerbated by persistent heat and drought.

Image from Australian Army via Facebook

Even after six months since it began, and even with the cold weather and occasional raining, there are still more than 60 bushfires happening in the state.

Fires have torn through more than 10 million hectares of bushland, wooded areas, and national parks. Some of Australia’s largest cities were damaged.

Many people lost their home and properties, but the most affected living creatures by the blazing fire are the wild animals.

Image from Australian Army via Facebook

The government, fire fighters, volunteers from local and international groups, and many individuals from all around the world are giving a helping hand to stop the bushfire, help its victims, and the affected animals.

Recently, a group from the Australian armed forces decided to provide some help by taking care of koalas affected by the ongoing bushfires at a local wildlife park.

The Australian Army Facebook page shared photos of the 16th Regiment Emergency Support Force while feeding the koalas at the Cleland Wildlife Park during their rest periods.

Image from Australian Army via Facebook

The Facebook page was captioned: “Supporting our furry friends during feeding time and by building climbing mounts inside the park. A great morale boost for our hard working team in the Adelaide Hills.”

The group of soldiers —men and women— cradled the rescued koalas wrapped in blankets, and fed them using syringes. They also built climbing mounts inside the park for the koalas to use once they’ve regained their energy.

These pictures truly warm the heart!

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