Andi Eigenmann’s first vlog: A view of her family, dream house and simple yet beautiful life on the island

Image capture of video by Andi Eigenmann | YouTube
  • Andi, her two daughters, together with Philmar went back home to Siargao Island for their Christmas and New Year celebration
  • The actress documented the highlights for her first-ever vlog posted on her channel
  • Her video also featured an updated look of their 2-story dream house

Andi Eigenmann and her family came home to Siargao to spend their Christmas and New Year together. The beach lover family shared some memories of their trip and their life at the beach in Andi’s first-ever vlog.

Image capture of video by Andi Eigenmann | YouTube

Finally, fans can have a glimpse of Andi’s simple yet happy and contented life in Siargao from now on through her self-named YouTube Channel.

The filming kicked off on Christmas day when Andi, her 7-year-old daughter Ellie, five months old baby Lilo and boyfriend Philmar left for Siargao. The day after, Andi gave a sight of their mornings at the beach where Philmar was seen off to shore ahead with their cute little daughter surrounded by some foreign friends enjoying the sunshine.

Away from city life, Andi may not have a fancy car to bring them anywhere but it seemed they enjoyed tricycle rides including her daughter Lilo.  For the first time, she also gave viewers a glimpse of their 2-story dream house still under construction.

Image via andieigengirl | Instagram

The actress also posted a photo of their beautiful family on Instagram during the New Year and captioned a touching message for them.

“I am incredibly grateful to have these three and my life and to welcome the new year with them- my favorite people in the world!” She expressed how happy she was and hoped to live long to give back their love.

She added, “We have so much adventures to go on and goals to meet next year and I’m happy to share these dreams with you.”

Her first island vlog undoubtedly made her audience see her genuine happiness overflowing.

“I admire Andi for being so true and preferred a simple life in Siargao with her family. I can see she is happy and in her element. God bless your family Andi.”

“This is how you bloom when you’re with the right person. I love your family!”

Can’t wait to see her first vlog? View it here.