Amazing! Volunteers donate 20 washing machines and 10 TVs for Tanauan evacuees

  • Maria Carolina and her friends brought 20 washing machines and 10 TVs for evacuees at the Tanauan Gym, Batangas
  • They also have plans on putting up a soup kitchen to aid in providing food

Essentials like food, water and clothing are being addressed by the government and volunteers to ensure that the basic needs of evacuees are being met. Aside from that, social activities are also being provided to comfort and take away their worries.

Image via Maria Carolina V. Dominguez | Facebook

However, there is a challenge with regards to  staying clean and fresh with limited clothes, cleaning materials and water supply available. With this, a chance to wash clothes would be a luxury. Fortunately, that was made possible by a group of amazing volunteers who donated washing machines and TV.

Maria Carolina V. Dominguez, together with Gideon Gideon and Connie knew what has been lacking in the evacuation center in Tanauan  so they brought in 20 washing machines and 10 television sets for children to be entertained.

On Saturday, she wrote on Facebook, “Today was a good day. Gideon Gideon, Connie and I made considerable progress towards relieving conditions in the two relief centers we have adopted. We delivered 20 washing machines and 10 TVs. We set up a laundry/washing area in front of the clinic of Flordeliz Figueroa Afable and her husband.”

They are also planning to set up a soup kitchen with the help of a Montessori school which allowed them to use the open area of the school premises. They will hire evacuees for manpower.

Image via Maria Carolina V. Dominguez |

They also shared the unfavorable conditions the evacuees are continuing to experience. She said, “People line up and wait half a day for food. The line for the shower is another half-day wait. There is only one toilet for 1,500 people.” But they continue to be hopeful as improvements are being seen.

“Seeing improvements in the lives of these people – many of whom have lost virtually every material thing they ever owned – keeps us going.”

Maria thanked everyone who supported them.