The Christmas aftermath and how moms should deal with it, according to netizens

Image via Motherhood Memes | Facebook and Canva
  • Moms with kids face the daily challenges of keeping the house clean
  • The Christmas season may add up to this cha0s when kids receive new toys
  • Motherhood Meme’s photo accurately described this scenario and netizens gave their advice on how to deal with it

The Christmas season does not only give us a hectic schedule with all the parties coming up like family gatherings we need to attend or celebrate at home. But for a stay at home mom, this would also mean a more challenging role as she tends to her visitors and takes care of the mess afterward including her kids’.

Image via Motherhood Memes | Facebook

Kids may receive a lot of gifts and, with excitement, open up everything and play with them.   As a result, an image seen on  Motherhood Meme’s photo on Facebook would look familiar. Toys scattered everywhere, this scene could easily bring ‘tears and sighs’ to moms every day, and it could even double or triple during Christmas.

One netizen reacted, “No way, Jose! Make the kiddos clean their messes. I haven’t picked up a toy since mine were 3! They make less mess and clean up as they go along now, because it’s always been their responsibility.” Indeed at that age, parenting books would tell us these are the first few duties we can assign a toddler.

For Devin Scheicher, he would suggest investing in memories rather than on material things.

“Spend less on toys that they lose interest in and deteriorate. Spend more on vacations, “get aways” and making memories.”

Image via Krysti Giron | Facebook

One momma though never failed to look at it positively. “Hmmm, that looks pretty blessed to me if you have that much toys to cover the ground. Haha. I agree the mess is big, but it’s all about perspective, right??”

Indeed, sometimes, it’s a matter of looking at things differently. Think of kids in poor communities where buying toys is considered a luxury. They need to be contented with a few pieces they own.

Whatever situation she is in, for sure, she is one tough momma doing her best to pull everything through.