Giving Love: Amazing jeepney drivers offer free rides on Christmas Day

Image via Jay Son Lukz and ACME Online Publication | Facebook
  • A jeepney driver along Baguio-Tomay route treated his passengers on a free ride last Christmas day
  • Jay Son Lukz shared his experience on Facebook 
  • Another driver in Bacolod did the same

Some people exchange gifts on Christmas day while others enjoy a festive meal with their loved ones.

Image via Jay Son Lukz | Facebook

But for an unnamed jeepney driver of Baguio-La Trinidad, his way of giving back to his passengers is by offering them a free ride last December 25.

It was Facebook user Jay Son Lukz from Benguet who shared his meaningful ride on that jeepney.

He said, “Flex ko lang sinakyan namin. FREE RIDE!!! Salamat boss idol amo driver. Sana ay maganda ang buong taong biyahe mo.”  The jeepney with plate number AYK 692 travels along Baguio-Tomay route.

Along with his post. Jay Son uploaded snapshots of the jeepney and the interior where a piece of paper showed, “Free ride. Merry Christmas.”

Image via Jay Son Lukz | Facebook

On a succeeding post, he added that he can relate to the work of being a driver. “.I am a driver and my father has been a jeepney driver for more than 3 decades so alam ko ‘yong hirap ng jeepney driver.  So giving free rides to all commuters is really a deed worth to be praised.”

One netizen wished it would be a yearly experience.  “Sana nga yearly may nag-ikot na ganyang libre kung Christmas.  Samantalang kami kahapon natry naming nilakad mula dito Marcos highway hanggang town the first time.”

“Kudos boss. God bless you and your family.”

Ang kudos to the driver for working on Christmas day!  You still gave some part of your time to your beloved passengers aside from your family.

Image via ACME Online Publication | Facebook

Meanwhile, another jeepney driver from Bacolod also gave his seats for free on the morning of Christmas Day. The jeepney was spotted by Daisy Rivera dela Rama whose photos were used by ACME Online Publication to share the good news.

We have nothing but respect for these men. Thank you so much for giving people free rides especially on Christmas day!