Study now, pay later: Cebu Pac is looking for cadet pilots who’ll train in Australia

Image from Cebu Pacific via Facebook
  • Airline company Cebu Pacific is currently looking for aspiring cadet pilots who will undergo training in Australia
  • This program is available for “study now, pay later” offer with the airline shouldering all the expenses and successful cadet-pilots will pay through salary deductions
  • Cebu Pac will be accepting 16 new recruits for the ninth batch of cadet pilots

Becoming a pilot is not easy but definitely worth it.

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Aside from the huge salary, pilots also have the benefit of traveling to different countries without spending any money. Of course, it is because they are the ones who will be flying the aircraft.

For many Filipinos who aspire to become a pilot, the Philippines’ largest airline Cebu Pacific has recently launched its ‘study now, pay later’ program.

Cebu Pac is now accepting applicants who will be trained to become commercial pilots. The airline will be taking 16 new recruits for the ninth batch of cadet pilots who will undergo training in Australia.

For its ‘study now, pay later’ program, the airline will shoulder first all of the cadets’ expenses while training. When they have completed the program and have become full-pledged cadet pilots, Cebu Pac will be reimbursing the cost of the program through salary deductions over a maximum of ten years.

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According to Cebu Pac: The program entails 52 weeks of integrated flight training, theory and education at Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) in Adelaide, Australia—one of the best aviation schools in the region.

Aside from the training in Australia, the cadet pilots will also take an additional 4 weeks of training in order to obtain a pilot’s license. This is under the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

Graduates of the program are guaranteed to be employed by Cebu Pac and will become full-fledged commercial pilots for the airline.

According to the airline’s post, applicants must be Filipino college graduates who are proficient in English, with an average grade of at least 80 percent in Math, Physics and English, and in good physical condition.

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To know more about this program and where to apply, visit Cebu Pacific’s website or social media pages.