Loving daughter texts late dad’s number every day for 4 years; receives a reply recently

Image via Chastity Patterson | Facebook
  • A loving daughter has been texting her late father’s number for four years
  • To her surprise, she recently received a reply from his number and found out that the person receiving her messages was a man who lost his child in 2014
  • The man said her messages has been keeping him alive all these years

Four years after her “dad” Jason Ligons passed away, loving “daughter” Chastity Patterson continues to text his mobile number; updating him about her experiences, sharing her thoughts, and telling him how much she loves and misses him. To her surprise, she recently received a reply from his number.

Image capture from Facebook

On Facebook, Chastity uploaded screeenshots showing her long message to her late “dad” and the reply of the person who has been receiving her texts all those years.

“I text my dad every day to let him know how my day goes for the past four years! Today was my sign that everything is okay and I can let him rest!” she wrote on the post; which already has over 23,000 comments, more than 180,000 reactions, and over 310,ooo shares from the people who were moved by her beautiful and touching story.

The person who has been getting her messages introduced himself as Brad; thanking her for her morning messages and nightly updates even if he knows that these are not really for him.

“Hi, sweetheart, I am not your father, but I have been getting all your messages for the past four years. I look forward to your morning messages and your nightly updates….I lost my daughter in a car wreck in August 2014 and your messages have kept me alive,” he expressed. “You remind me that there is a God and it wasn’t His fault that my little girl is gone.”

Image via Pixabay

Brad said he really wanted to tell her that he is not her “dad” but he does not want to break her heart.

“I wanted to text you back for years, but I didn’t want to break your heart…. He gave me you, my little angel, and I knew this day was coming. Everything will be okay, you push yourself every day and shine the light God gave you,” he wrote.

At the end of his long text message, he noted that he still looks forward to her messages and updates.

Meanwhile, in a separate post, Chastity shared that Jason is not her biological father but he never missed an important event in her life and loved her like a real daughter.

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