Kids who look like their fathers are healthier, study says

  • According to a new study, if a father has a great resemblance towards his child, the kid is likely to become healthier
  • The resemblance makes the father spend more time with his child and is able to engage in positive parenting
  • The importance of the father in raising a child manifests itself in the health of the child

Generally, children look up to their fathers because a father embodies bravery, strength, and courage.

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As the breadwinner of the family, children tend to adore their fathers for having enough strength to support the family.

Well, looking up to their father and looking like their father may have many advantages for the children, a study says.

In this new study conducted by a team in Binghamton University and Southern Illinois University, it was determined that a newborn child who has a great resemblance to his or her father is likely to be healthier one year later.

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The study also suggests that if the baby looks a lot like their dad, then they are more likely to spend time together. Most probably, the father would be spending more time engaged in positive parenting.

Fathers are important in raising a child, and it manifests itself in the health of the child,” said Solomon Polachek, the lead researcher from from Binghamton University.

To conduct the study, the researchers used “a unique approach, with roots in evolutionary sociobiology” in order to determine the impact of involvement from a nonresident father in a child’s life.

The researchers examined data from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing (FFCW) which studied 715 families with a child — born between 1998 and 2000 — who lives only with their mothers.

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The study stated that babies who resembled their fathers were found to be healthier one year later. And this is because these fathers spent an average 2.5 more days per month with their child.

According also to the study: Because women do not need facial resemblance cues to decide whether to provide care, we expect baby looks affect child developmental outcomes only through a father’s investments.

Previous studies support the theory that parents who are genetically related to their children can invest in them more. And with this investment comes positive parenting and healthier children as a result.

Researchers believe that this area of study encourages absent fathers to spend more time with their babies and with their wives also. So that the kid does not only have a healthy body but also a happy family.

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