Husband and wife achieve Guinness world record as oldest married couple

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  • An elderly couple from the United States are named as the oldest married couple by the Guinness world record
  • The husband and wife are already 106 and 105 years old respectively
  • They credited their long marriage and good well-being to living life in moderation and being cordial to one another

They say that true love lasts forever. Of course, because true love is certainly hard to find, might as well treasure it for a lifetime.

Out of all failed relationships, heartbreaks, and broken families, there is still hope for love as shown by a couple from Austin, Texas in United States.

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Amazingly, this elderly couple has set a new Guinness world record as the oldest married couple for being together for the past 80 years!

Aside from their eternal love to one another, John and Charlotte Henderson are already centenarians: 106 and 105 years old respectively.

The two first met at the University of Texas (UT) while attending the same class. Charlotte was studying to become a teacher while John was a member of their school’s football team (guard position).

John and Charlotte fell in love and tied the knot during the Great Depression in the U. S in 1939. Even though it was the worst economic downturn in the U. S, the two still pursued their wedding. For their honeymoon, they paid only $7 for a hotel room.

Even with difficulties and struggles on their marriage and relationship, the Hendersons kept their love burning and their promises on being together for a lifetime. The two are about to celebrate their 80 years of marriage next month.

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Aside from getting the world record for being the oldest couple, John sets the record as the oldest living former UT football player. Each year for the past 84 years, he has attended at least one of the university’s football games.

Even at their age, the Hendersons continue to maintain their good health and relationship together in a retirement home for former UT staff and alumni in Longhorn Village.

According to John, the secret to their long marriage and good well-being is by living in moderation and being affectionate to your spouse.