Drew Arellano: Why investing in travel with kids is worth it

Image from Drew Arellano via Instagram
  • Actor and host Drew Arellano shared the importance of traveling with your kids
  • Drew considers traveling as the “best form of education,” this is why he wants his kids to also travel
  • By traveling, kids will have a firsthand experience of different cultures and people around the world

Traveling is fun and exciting when you have all the money to spend — checking in at best hotels, paying for the food that you want to try, or basically can afford to visit different places locally or internationally.

Image from Drew Arellano via Instagram

But for actor and travel host Drew Arellano, traveling is best when you are with your loved ones: especially your children.

Since its first broadcast in 2013, Biyahe ni Drew has become one of the most known travel vlogs in the Philippine television. After twelve years and counting,  its host Drew continues to explore the Philippines and the world.

Drew has been seen traveling locally and internationally with his TV crew to feature known and unknown places and their popular and exotic cuisines.

Traveling brings out a different kind of happiness, but when the Biyahe ni Drew host became a father, he was enlightened by a different perspective when it comes to traveling.

For his two sons — Primo (3) and Leon (1)— with actress and host Iya Villana, Drew firmly believes that the best form of education for his kids is traveling.

Image from Drew Arellano via Instagram

They can read books, they can probably learn from the teachers, but what’s priceless, what’s golden is they actually experience different cultures firsthand, talking to different people from all walks of life.”

Additionally, Drew and Iya want their kids to be homeschooled. This will give the couple the opportunity to travel with their kids.

Feeling ko iyan (traveling) ang magiging more effective, you know, personality development for them. But you know, that’s going to be in the future.”

Moreover, experts say that traveling with family provide “happiness anchors” for kids and they will cherish it as they grow up.

Image from Drew Arellano via Instagram