Compassion at work: Puppy drags blanket outside to share it with a homeless dog

Image from Suelen Schaumloeffel via Facebook
  • A puppy from Brazil was seen by her owner doing a heartfelt action towards another dog
  • On a cold morning, this puppy dragged her new blanket outside of their home to share it with a cold homeless dog
  • Not long ago, this puppy was rescued from the streets so she knew what it’s like to be abandoned
Image from Suelen Schaumloeffel via Facebook

As persons, we feel sympathetic and empathetic over other people or even animals we come across.  Sympathy is the perception, understanding, and reaction to the distress or misfortune of someone else.

On the other hand, empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another being is feeling or experiencing. These two abilities may be common to most people in the planet, but we wonder — do animals also have the capability to be sympathetic and empathetic as well?

An 8-month-old dog from Brazil is probably one of the best examples of animals who are able to sympathize and empathize towards another being’s misfortune.

Image from Suelen Schaumloeffel via Facebook

Lana, a puppy from Brazil, was rescued from the streets together with her siblings. Soon, Lana was adopted by Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiancé. The couple took good care of Lana — they gave her a warm home, regular meals, and they adore her very much.

Recently, when the weather became colder in Brazil, Suelen bought and gave Lana a thicker blanket so she could be cozy and warm inside her doghouse.

The next morning, when Suelen was about to leave for work, she noticed something at the front of their home.

Near their fence, Suelen saw Lana lying on the ground with her new blanket which she dragged outside. And to Suelen’s surprise, another dog was sharing the blanket with Lana on the street outside their fence.

Image from Suelen Schaumloeffel via Facebook

According to Suelen, she has seen that dog before but she doesn’t know if it was a stray or not. She said the dog would run away every time she tried to get near him to check for an ID tag.

Suelen was touched by her dog’s generosity, sympathy, and empathy towards a stray dog. Clearly, Lana hasn’t forgotten what it feels like to not have a loving and secure home.

She is the nicest little dog I’ve ever met. We forget sometimes the difference we can make in someone’s life. She reminded me of this,” said Suelen.

And we would surely agree with her on that!