Brave woman saves screaming koala from wildfire

Image taken from KETKnbc video via YouTube channel
  • Recently, news and media outlets have reported about widespread wildfires happening in Australia
  • Because of these, species such as koalas are threatened and were badly hurt
  • A video of a woman goes viral when she tried to rescue a screaming koala from a wildfire
Image taken from KETKnbc video via YouTube channel

Be kind to animals, they also have feelings and can experience what we humans can experience and feel.

Recently, Port Macquarie, a city in New South Wales in Australia has experienced severe wildfires with temperatures reaching more than 40C in many areas.

The wildfire has already scorched thousands of acres resulting to devastating human cost and threats to the wildlife.

Image taken from Nine News Australia video via YouTube channel

In a viral video that has resurfaced in different social networking sites, a brave woman was shown trying to save a badly hurt koala from a wildfire. The said video was praised by many netizens who said that the woman is a true hero.

The woman, Toni Doherty, was trying to cross a road in New South Wales when she saw the koala. Without a second thought, Toni took off her shirt and rushed to save the screaming koala away from the wildfire.

After taking the koala away, Toni used a bottle of water to soothe the koala’s wounds; all of this was captured in a video.

After attending to the animal’s wounds, Toni and her husband wrap the koala in a blanket before driving to Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

Image taken from KETKnbc video via YouTube channel

According to the fundraising website GoFundMe set up by the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, at least 31 injured koalas as a result of the wildfires were taken to their hospital.

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, and National Parks and Wildlife Service crew leaders, have spent weeks searching for koalas following the devastating bush fires in the Port Macquarie area,” the hospital explains.

Toni, who named the koala Lewis (after one of her grandchildren), said that she leaped to rescue Lewis after seeing his back legs on fire. She also covered him with her shirt in order to put out the flames and poured water on him to make sure they were extinguished.

Toni explained that Lewis was screaming because of the flames: “I’ve never heard a koala before. I didn’t realize they could cry out. It was just so heart rendering and I knew I needed to get him out of there as quickly as possible.”

Watch the footage here: