Looking back: Remember Gutierrez Twins’ ‘Kakambal sa paglaki’ Nestle commercial?

Images via @junlalin and @mond | Instagram
  • Richard and Raymond Gutierrez’s old Nestle commercial is still being shared
  • The Nestle ad is just one of the many commercials made by the twins
  • Until now, Richard and Raymond still do endorsements together

Remember that “Kakambal sa paglaki” Nestle commercial featuring an adorable set of twins? Up to this day, Richard and Raymond Gutierrez still manage to capture the attention of people through this popular advertisement, which is still being shared by their fans online.

Image via @junlalin | Instagram

“I vividly recall them. Batang 90s here! Super cute!” IG user @maielona commented on the image.

“Grew up watching their movies when they were just toddlers,” shared @ginadcd.

“I’ve seen all their films when I was a little kid,” @josephinelirio said.

The Nestle ad is just one of the many commercials made by the twins. Now 35 years old, Richard is already a well-known actor while Raymond has become a popular celebrity host. Still, despite having different careers, the twins continue to do endorsements together every once in a while.

Raymond said that while they differ in so many ways, their relationship as brothers remain intact.

“Growing up, we realized that we’re two very different people….What’s nice about Chard and I is that, through the years, we kind of carve our own lanes–not only in our personal life but in our career, as well–and we’ve just been so supportive of each other. There’s no sibling rivalry. There’s not a lot of fights. There’s just a lot of support,” he shared in a previous interview.

Image via E! Online Asia | YouTube

Meanwhile, Raymond advised parents of twins to look at their children as two different persons.

“It’s easy to look at twins as one entity. You need to make sure that they kind of grow up into their own person, their own identity…and expect that they’re not gonna be the same,” he stated.

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In an interview, Raymond shares how it was growing up with a twin brother:

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