Liam Hemsworth wants what’s best for Miley even ‘if it’s not him’

  • Amid the split and divorce of pop singer Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth, the latter still wishes the best for his ex-wife even if it is not him
  • A source revealed that Liam holds no grudge or ill against Miley over what became of their marriage
  • As of now, Miley is currently dating Australian musician Cody Simpson while Liam is speculated to be dating actress Maddison Brown
Image from Liam Hemsworth via Instagram

Fans and supporters of pop singer Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are still devastated about the couple’s split after only six months of marriage.

A source reportedly told the ELLE website that after being apart, the two wanted to reconcile and were waiting to file for divorce to see if they could do it. But Liam made the first move and filed legal documents for divorce without waiting for Miley’s decision.

According to the ELLE’s source, Liam decided to file for divorce after seeing the photos of his wife and Kaitlynn Carter kissing while on a vacation at a yacht. Liam filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences” — which was a shock to the pop singer.

But after almost two months of her split with Liam, Miley has reportedly broken up with Carter and now dating the Australian singer Cody Simpson.

Amid the controversies revolving around their relationship, Liam was reported to not hold any grudge or ill will against his ex wife. In fact, an insider source told Us Weekly that “He wants what’s best for her — even if it’s not him.

(Cody and Miley) Image from Miley Cyrus via Instagram

While on the other hand, images of Liam and TV actress Maddison Brown have resurfaced the Internet. The two were photographed together in New York all sweet and cuddly, and fans are speculating about their blossoming relationship.

Neither Liam nor Maddison confirmed these speculations, but it looks like Liam is finally moving on from Miley—even though the two haven’t deleted their photos together on their Instagram accounts.

Liam and Maddison (Image from Instagram)

Sources: Virtual Pinoy, Us Weekly, Cosmopolitan

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