Unbelievable: Simple “Math equation” draws high interest from netizens

  • A Math expression posted by user on social media went viral
  • The equation required to be solved by order of operation
  • Users debated on answers that were solved through PEMDAS and BODMAS

The subject Mathematics in schools or simply known as “Math” is in no doubt one of the most difficult subjects that all of us students have to face whether we like it or not.

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Being known for its nature of having difficulty levels that could go beyond as hard as what we cannot even imagine makes us think that this is one of the subjects that we fear the most.

Math has a number of branches just like Science which has Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Meanwhile, for Math, there’s the famous Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and many more.

We are all familiar on the saying “Math can be found everywhere”. And true as it may be, the internet recently has proven that this is certainly accurate when a simple Math equation caught many netizens’ attention on solving it.

The Math expression 8 ÷ 2 ( 2 + 2 ) = ? was posted by username @pjmdoll on Twitter.

Image from @pjmdoll’s Twitter account.

This Math problem became a trending post as Twitter users debated which answer is correct— “1” or “16”.

Based on the replies, these two answers came from the orders of operation methods PEMDAS (parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction) and BODMAS (brackets, order, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction).

Mixed opinions were observed on the replies. Some insisted to use PEMDAS, so the given answer was 1, while others use BODMAS which makes 16 as the answer.

Image from @pjmdoll’s Twitter account.

As of this writing, the tweet has generated 15.7K replies, 14.4K likes, and 3.7K retweets.

“It’s just an ambiguously written expression. It can mean either 1 or 16. Order of operations doesn’t go left to right or multiplication before division; it gives two answers. We try to avoid ambiguous notation like this when writing expressions; I’ve provided some alternatives.”

“Remember a(b+c)=ab + ac and it is law of distribution in mathematics. Where PEMDAS is not a law, it is just a way to help us memorize things, we can use pemdas only after using all math laws to simplifying all steps first.”

Well, what’s your take?

Source: Twitter

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