Paulo explains tweet about Bea Alonzo’s “ghosting” experience

  • Paulo Avelino’s recent tweet drew different reactions from netizens, some of it saying that Avelino is being insensitive
  • Said tweet is in reference to Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson’s recent breakup
  • Avelino finally speak up and explain the controversial tweet

Paulo Avelino posted on twitter last July 26 a supposed funny take on the mishap between his good friend Bea Alonzo, Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto.

Anderson, who has been dating Alonzo for two years before the former allegedly cheated on Alonzo with his “Between Maybes” co-star Barretto.

In his twitter profile, Avelino asked his followers, “Na-Bea Alonzo ka na ba bes?” and then refer to it as ghosting, pertaining to Alonzo’s revelation that Anderson just stopped talking to her.

Image capture via Twitter

While some of his followers view Avelino’s tweet witty, the General’s Daughter mainstay drew flak with his comment, saying that he is being insensitive on the topic.

Image capture via Twitter

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Avelino explained that his tweet only meant to make things lighter, adding that it was not in his intentions for the post to trend or gain attention.

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“It doesn’t really matter if it trends or not. It’s just to make everything lighter,” he said.

Moreover, Avelino also revealed how Alonzo is currently doing, since they appeared together during one of their network’s functions in Pasay City recently.

“Mukhang okay naman s’ya. She’s getting better.”

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