Kind fastfood chain employee gives food to hungry dog and people love him for doing so

  • Netizen’s video of a service crew giving food to a hungry dog in Lipa City went viral
  • Many were impressed with the kind act displayed by the employee
  • Some expressed their willingness to adopt the dog, even tagged Heart Evangelista who is known to be a dog lover

“Dogs are man’s best friend.”

Image from Redge Ermitanio

This saying is not uncommon to us as we frequently hear or read about dogs almost everyday, and we grew up seeing dogs almost everywhere— in our own homes or in our neighborhood.

In every street here in the Philippines, many dogs can be found. And just like “hoomans”, there are instances where these friendly creatures have no place to go home to and no food to eat.

This is the case of the stray dog seen outside a popular fastfood chain branch located in Lipa City, Batangas.

Based on a video uploaded on Twitter taken by netizen Josh Tongol, the white dog waiting outside the fast food chain looked sad and hungry while looking inside the store.

Image captured from Josh Tongol’s video in Twitter

Surprisingly, the hungry dog was attended to by one of the service crew who brought him food.

The excitement from the dog was obviously so precious when it wagged its tail as the employee headed towards him to give him some food.

The video uploaded went viral, garnering almost 30,000 views on Twitter.

Image captured from Josh Tongol’s video in Twitter

Positive feedback poured over the generous act displayed by the employee, while “dog lover” netizens showed sympathy to the stray dog.

Some of the comments were:

“Saan McDo ito? I want to adopt the dog.”

“Thank you sa Mcdo PH crew na ito for giving food to the hungry dog. May God bless you more.”

One comment also tagged Heart Evangelista saying, “let’s reach out to @heart021485.

The actress is known to be an advocate of adopting stray dogs.

Source: Twitter

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