“Eerie” delivers an international scare after Netflix debut

  • The Filipino horror movie Eerie created a high buzz in social media after its Netflix debut
  • With the overwhelming reactions on Twitter, the scare from this movie was covered by multiple international news media outlets
  • The most popular reaction was viewers were sleeping with lights on after watching

The box-office horror movie Eerie which officially aired in Philippine cinemas last March was undeniably one of the most successful movies this year; earning over P200 million during its run.

Image from Instagram account of ABS-CBN Films, Star Cinema

This film which was directed by Mikhail Red made its first debut in December 2018 as one of the feature films in the Singapore International Film Festival.

The story focused on the life of the students in an old Catholic school for girls where the school’s secret from years before was the primary cause of the mysterious events happening in the school.

Bea Alonzo played the role of Pat Consolacion, the school guidance counselor who showed her high-affection to the students, while Charo Santos-Concio played the role of Mother Alice, the strict headmistress of the school.

Following its success in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries, this Star Cinema film made its Netflix debut this July, and garnered an international scare among its viewers.

Image from Mikhail Red’s Twitter account

After the debut, viewers from across the world expressed their thoughts and experiences on Twitter while watching and after watching the movie.

Aside from the commendations that the movie received on its storyline, the scare it brought, saying the viewers kept on screaming while watching it, and sleeping with lights on were the most common feedback.

Moreover, its buzzing trend caught international news media attention, and was featured by several news media and magazine outlets like People, Elle Magazine, and The Independent.

Screen capture from Elle website

Some of the comments from Twitter are:

#Eerie on #Netflix was a really good horror. I have missed this kind of horror that makes you ponder for hours and days.”

“Eerie (Netflix) was really good. I love Asian horror and it’s awesome to see the Philippines getting in on the action. Hope to see more stuff from there in the future!”

“I dare you all to watch Eerie on Netflix”

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